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Total 2018 event Visitors


eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo is a Trade Show (& Conference)

eCommerce Expo Greece & Southeast Europe is a Trade Show supported by a dedicated Conference.

Its purpose, as it is the case in all trade fairs, is the presentation of services and products by exhibitors to businessmen who visit the event, looking for solutions and partners.

The success of every trade fair is determined by the extent to which visitors find the services and products they are looking for, and exhibitors get the desired Return On their Investment.

Compared to other events (conferences, workshops, presentations), trade fairs provide exhibitors with direct results through personal contacts made to collaborate by visitors attending competitions to get offers for the services they provide.

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo: Two Main Audiences


Businesses of all sizes looking for a reliable partner for their presence on the internet in order to attract customers from Greece & the rest of the world such as: E-shops, Businesses, Exporting Companies, Tourist Enterprises, etc.

Web Services Professionals

The event,  in its tenth year, is now set and seen an institution dedicated and designed for the global business market and free lancers who provide web-based IT services. Through their visit to the event, they are informed about current industry trends, new products, competition and opportunities for cooperation.

2018 Expo Statistics Overview

Visitors Per Day

Suturday November 24 2018


Sunday November 25 2018


Visitors Province/Country

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo is the only open event that can be visited by people from all over Greece & abroad to be informed about all products and services by exhibitors.



Rest Greece




Visitors Industry

Financial Services11%
Developers/Web Services11%

Due to the fact that eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo is the only event in Greece on new technologies, it attracts audiences from many industries interested in modernizing their business.

Visitors by Job Title

Business Owner36%
eCommerce Executives27%
eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo is an event for professionals and through a targeted campaign addressed to high-level business executives.

Exhibitors Survey

How happy are you with the overall organization of the event?91%
How much satisfied your expectations?82%
How satisfied are you with the event campaign?84%
How relevant to the event was the audience who visited it?92%
How satisfied are you with the cost of participation in relation to the benefit?78%
How convenient is the venue (Zappeion Megaron)?94%
How appropriate do you consider event dates?69%
How much do you think parallel events contribute to the 'quality' audience?89%

After the end of the event, we asked the exhibitors to tell us the degree of satisfaction of the event. The results and their comments, which are largely positive, are very useful in our effort to improve some of the problems in the next event.

Visitors Survey

How satisfied were you with the event?78%
How relevant and helpful do you think it was for your job?86%
How satisfied were you with the event logistics?89%
How satisfied are you with the parallel events?83%

Research on how much they have found pioneering services and solutions for their businesses has also been made to the audience that visited the event. Since he is our most critical judge their views are valuable to us. Their comments, their expectations and their suggestions are our guide to the future.


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